The newly designed and patented Roto-Mill bit is the first new bit to hit the market in decades. The unique design allows the bit to index after each cut. This allows a new cutting edge to strike the material every time for even wear on the tool. This all translates into less wear on the milling equipment, less power used, quicker milling and substantially increases the life of the tool.

Newly patented Roto-Mill road milling bit that continuously rotates for long lasting performance

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“They last longer (ROTO-Mill) than the
teeth we have used in the past”
                        -Cecil, Milling Foreman

  • Tough long lasting carbide
  • Patented rotating feature
  • Increased life
  • Fewer bit changing
  • Sharper bits means less wear on equipment
  • Proudly made in the USA!


Roto-Mill bit shows even wear with continuous rotation. Extending the bits life while producing quality milled surfaces.